Toothbrush Spiral Bristles

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Double-effect Cleaning 
Oral health and physical health are closely related? 

Take good care of the health of teeth and gums
Not only can you show off your white teeth when you smile
Improve overall health
Reduce the risk of serious diseases
Can even retain good memories in old age
The so-called "healthy body comes from a healthy mouth"

More and more scientific evidence proves that this statement is indeed true 

Emperor Baby imported the toothbrush with 0.18mm brush tip, double-effect cleaning

▶️Can deeply clean the gingival sulcus and dead corners of the cavity
▶️The 6-angle cross-section can improve the cleaning power
▶️The flexibility is so good that it does not hurt the gums  
▶️PETG food grade material and bendable brush handle 
▶️Travel friendly with protective casing for dust-proof ,sanitary and portable 

Toothbrush Spiral Bristles
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